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Historic Burradon and Camperdown

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Newspaper Articles

  • We think, in this generation, we have trouble with anti-social behaviour! This legend dive-bombed the village in his Tiger Moth [FlyingPitman.gif, pa]
  • Nostalgic Return to Burradon for a former Bevan Boy [BevanBoy2.gif, pa] [BevanBoy1.gif, pa]
  • The plight of one family when Weetslade colliery closed [WeetsladeRedundancy.gif, pa]
  • In 1934 Robert Hartley was given the honour of opening the new commitee room at the Burradon Welfare Institute. Courtesy of Margaret Martin [1934RobertHartley.jpg]

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Painting of Burradon Colliery by Paul Allan. Watercolour from photographs taken of the colliery shortly before its demolition. Framed prints are available. Contact Paul on 07764 413583 for details.

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Thanks go to the following who have kindly donated photographs for inclusion in the galleries:

  • Diana Daniels
  • Alistair Gilfillan (Headteacher, Burradon Primary School)
  • John Litt
  • William Younger
  • Lindsey Weightman
  • Margaret Martin
  • Darin Mazzie
  • Shaun Mellor
  • Margaret MacFarlane