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Dec 2005 - A Report by Alistair Gilfillan, Headteacher of Burradon Primary School on the Progress Achieved in 2005

" This is an exciting time for us as work on the new school and sports facilities progresses well. It will be sad to leave the old building. It has served the community well for many years - but as we enter the twenty-first century we must provide a modern and up-to-date education for our children. We are already a highly successful school. We are convinced that the high standards we have achieved over the last five years can be built on and improved."

"Once again we are all delighted to be able to announce a further improvement in standards within Burradon Primary School. Our 11 year old children took the National Curriculum Tests in English, mathematics and science in May 2005 at the same time as every school in the country. I am pleased to say that over 90% of the class achieved the Government standard in English and mathematics, while 100% of the class achieved this standard in science. These are wonderful results which places the school way above the national average of all schools in the country.

In the recently published League Table of primary schools in North Tyneside we are in 8th. place out of 49 schools. This is the third year running that we have achieved a top ten placing in North Tyneside. This was recognised by the Government's Department of Education in 2004 in identifying Burradon Primary School as being 'amongst the 100 most improved schools [in the country] for the period 2001-2004.'

We are proud to be such a high performing school. Standards within the school for all ages have never been better. We have a dedicated school staff who not only achieve excellent academic results but care for and support all of the children very well. As you may know we are moving into our new school building in the early part of the summer term next year. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to build on our success and to move on to even higher standards of achievement for the children of the local community. It promises to be an exciting and busy year for us all!"

Alistair Gilfillan


Dec 2005 - Residents Respond to the Shoebox Appeal

The local communities of Annitsford, Burradon, Cramlington, Dudley and Fordley responded magnificently to the appeal from Rev Angela Maughan, vicar of The Church of the Good Shepherd and St Paul's and the local schools. A total of 200 shoeboxes were collected and will be distributed to poor children in the deprived countries of Eastern Europe.

The Vicar and staff and children are to be applauded for their generosity and clearly demonstrates that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well and the remarkable achievement is a testament to people's compassion and generosity within our small communities.

Geological Sub-Strata Artwork at the Post Office on Burradon Road

By June Rodham

The fundamental objective of the Burradon & Camperdown Forum (“The Forum”) is to undertake projects to enhance the local environment and the village thereby improving the quality of life of the local community.

The post office’s gable end wall has looked unsightly ever since North Tyneside Council demolished the Institute in 1976, despite the efforts of the post master and local authority.

The creation of the mosaic was an ideal opportunity to transform a neglected wall into valuable piece of artwork for the entire village to enjoy. It was particularly important as the children and teachers will pass the area every day on the way to the new school which is under construction at present.

The geological sub-strata artwork was created by local artist June Rodham. The artwork reflects the village’s proud mining heritage with the illusion of a rippled coal seam surrounded by layers of other minerals which was rendered with local shale.

Mr Gilfillan, Headmaster of Burradon Primary School remarked, “I am delighted with the finished artwork which is situated near the main entrance to our new school which is due to open Easter 2006…..As a piece of modern art we will certainly be using it as an example in our art classes and will be pointed out as a geographical landmark in Burradon village in our local studies classes.”

The funds to complete the project were donated by the Sir James Knott Trust, The Burradon and Camperdown Forum and local residents.

Our thanks also go to Mr Frank Gillander, VODA for his help and advice which successfully secured part of the funding for the project.

Jul 2005 - Tower Information Boards

Information boards have been erected at Burradon Tower House (July 2005) which give brief details of the tower and it’s place in Northumbrian history.

The plaques are easily visible to visitors from the north and east sides of the tower and it is hoped will increase the enjoyment of seeing this landmark on a walk through the farm.

They are the brainchild of well-known local resident Ralph Wilson.

After many months of work, negotiation and research he was able to secure a grant from English Heritage and find a suitable contractor for the work to be carried out.

New Housing on Site of Former Surgery

New housing, consisting of seven units, has been constructed by Armstrong Homes. This was erected on land formerly occupied by a surgery on Burradon Road.

An archaeological survey was carried out before building work had begun by Tyne and Wear Museums Archaeology Department. The area of Burradon and Camperdown, as was established in the 1960s by aerial photography and some excavation, is rich in prehistoric sites.

One site is directly adjacent to the new housing development. This was destroyed by the development of Shillaw Place and Means Drive in the late 1960s. However, if the line of one of the ditches, observed by aerial photography, is projected it passes through the new development site. A trench was cut 25m long by 1.5m wide to test the existence of the prehistoric ditch. Nothing of significance was found.