Burradon Skate Park Has A Makeover

Move over Trinny and Suzzanah, the Burradon Community completes its own makeover of the local skatepark.

The Burradon & Camperdown Forum (“The Forum”) received a grant from Awards For All of £3,350 to work in partnership with local children, skate park regulars and North Tyneside Council to create an artwork design transform a bleak municipal amenity to a vibrant and colourful skate park.

A community design day was held on 24 September 2006 and 170 people from various sections of the village attended and submitted a myriad of ideas for the art work.

Local artists also attended and worked with local residents to develop their ideas for the design and provided advice regarding the mural. We were delighted that a large number of the skate park users attended and that pupils from Burradon Primary School were involved with the project.

The artists incorporated the ideas into a final design and the mural was completed during the first three days of November 2006. The artists had to endure inclement weather and had to brave arctic winds and rain. However, a constant supply of hot tea and coffee supplied by Colin McEligott , North Tyneside Sports Development Officer mitigated the worst affects of the weather and ensured the mural was completed.

The children are delighted with the finished artwork and commented that the appearance of the skate park has improved dramatically and the area is more attractive.

Mr Chris Wray, Secretary of the Forum stated, “ it’s a fantastic piece of artwork which brightens up the children’s activity area and we are delighted with the design and quality of the artists work. We are extremely grateful to Awards For All for funding the project and also the artists and North Tyneside Council for their contribution and support.”