2Oth Century Memories

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The Burradon and Camperdown Community Website now has an association with www.memoriesnorthtyne.org.uk (used to be www.libraryclub.co.uk) where more memories relating to Burradon and Camperdown can be found. This is from the project co-ordinator:
"Our project remit is to work across North Tyneside and Burradon/Camperdown are areas where we have very limited material. Also, if anyone locally would be interested I can come and do a presentation about our project, which stresses the value of collecting local memories and might encourage people to collect some more. "
Kath Smith 
Project Coordinator
Remembering the Past Resoucing the Future
North Shields Central Library
Northumberland Square
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE30 1QU
telephone 0191 200 6412