2007 Weetslade Parish Church Events

Church of the Good Shepherd, Burradon and St Pauls, Dudley.

We are a parish which includes Good Shepherd, Burradon and St Paul's, Dudley, so our events are supported from both sides of the Parish. As far as events from the Churches go, we have soup lunch and raffle every Thursday at 12noon in Kirkdale Court, £1.00 for soup, bun, cuppa and biscuits. All welcome.

The usual holy communions on Wednesdays. 9.00am, St Paul's and at 10.00am at Good Shepherd and on Sundays, 9.00am St Paul's and 10.30am at Good Shepherd. In the evening at Good Shepherd we have a service at 6.00pm, Methodist, 2nd and 5th Sundays, A Reader from Cramlington 2nd month on 4th Sunday and Evening Prayer the rest.

We have a dance at St Paul's once a month on Thursdays, a beetle drive once a month on Thursdays. We also have a nearly new 9.30am on the first Tuesday in the month. For more information contact 0191 2689366 or 2501353

Morning Prayer, 8.30am, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, at Church of the Good Shepherd, Burradon., and 8. 30 am Wednesay and Thursday, St Paul's, Dudley.
Holy Communiuon:  9.00am Wednesday, St Paul's, Dudley and 10.00am Church of the Good Shepherd, Burradon.
Holy Communion with Hymns: Sundays:  9.00am, St Paul's, Dudley and 10.30am Church of the Good Shepherd, Burradon.  (All Age Worship, 3rd Sunday in the month, baptisms on that Sunday or by arrangement with the Vicar).
Sunday School are usually held during the Sunday Service at St Paul's, Dudley and Good Shepherd, Burradon when we have children!.  All welcome.  We will have teachers available if we know children are coming.

Shrove Tuesday Supper with Pancakes, Tuesday, 5th February 7pm. Kirkdale Court.

These are the events organised so far, open to all in our Parish. I will let you know of any other events that we arrange. Thank you for your interest and support.

Rev Angela on behalf of the People from Good Shepherd and St Paul's.